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Fresh. Healthy.
When you want it.

At GreenPoint Hotel™ Properties, you aren’t beholden to someone else’s meal schedule. From fueling up in the early morning to curbing the munchies late at night, we offer freshly prepared made dishes and drinks.

How you want them and when you want them. Let someone else cater to you for a change.

We also believe traveling shouldn’t derail your healthy lifestyle. That’s why our guests can enjoy straight-from-the-oven breakfast options every morning. Whether you’re a gluten-free guest or want to keep your calories in check, there’s something fresh and flavorful just for you.

You can pair your breakfast with a steaming cup of specialty coffee from our Nespresso coffee shop. Gourmet choices like cappuccinos, espressos, and specialty teas transport you to an outdoor Paris café.  It’s quite a departure from the limited fare you’ll find in other hotels. Need an afternoon pick me up? Our coffee bar is conveniently open throughout the day for those caffeine emergencies.

In the evenings, trade your coffee for a cocktail when our coffee bar transforms into a fully stocked, Bacardi Rum inspired bar. Sample our refreshing handcrafted Mojitos, Mai Tais, and Daiquiris. Get a taste of the thriving craft beer scene with a selection of some of our favorites from local breweries and traditional favorites. Hungry after a late night on the town or a long day at the theme parks? We offer a variety of small plates and appetizers to keep you sated until morning.

We believe in feeding you well on your time. From morning to night, you’ll always find something delicious at a GreenPoint Hotel™.




Our signature restaurant, THE SPOT, is designed as a community SPOT for our guests to relax, socialize, and enjoy a variety of items to Drink or Eat!

THIRSTY? Visit our Nespresso branded coffee bar for an espresso or grab a cocktail at our fully stocked BACARDI bar…We have something for everyone.

HUNGRY? Try one of our delicious breakfast sandwiches, gluten free options or any of the various options we’ve chosen to ensure you STAY on track. Our selections appeal to many dietary requirements and vary from public fare, low calorie choices, gluten free, and more!

LATE NIGHT? Don’t worry, we have you covered at THE SPOT! After the parks  you can STAY in and relax for your next day of adventures. Enjoy the many healthy and tasty choices designed to fit your lifestyle.




In the Nespresso Cafe, you can expect the absolute best quality beverages! Nespresso only sources exceptional coffees that are rigorously selected and tested to satisfy the most demanding palate.

Nespresso’s high standards extend to the careful roasting and grinding of beans to bring out the 900 different coffee aromas that differentiate a Nespresso coffee beverage. Their exclusive capsule system is designed to protect the coffee from air and moisture, so that you can enjoy all the aromas on serving.



The shop greenpoint

Our market is designed to give you flexibility and on the go choices. Located just next to the front desk, we are happy to help assist or you can pop in to grab what you need.

FORGET SOMETHING? We provide select toiletries, medications, or resources for your convenience.

HUNGRY? Grab a snack, sandwich or salad for an ON THE GO option when you are heading out the door or looking for a simply delicious solution.

THIRSTY? Offering several varieties of beverage options to satisfy your thirst! Looking for something more, visit THE SPOT for a Nespresso Café beverage or our Bacardi Bar Counter.